Rental Rules and Guidelines

Cabin Rental Information

Week begins on Saturday. We only rent by the week.

Check-in Time: After 6:00 PM on Saturday

Check-out Time: 9:00 AM on Saturday. Any exception to this must have prior approval from the management.

2024 Cabin Rental Fees

Spruce Tree, Wild Rose, Juniper, Kinnikinnic, Aspen, Columbine cabins

Weekly Deposit: $500

Per Week Total: $1,025 (Number of Persons 1-3; $250 each additional person)

Children 0-6 yrs. – no charge

Bluebell, Fir Tree cabins

Weekly Deposit: $715

Per Week Total: $1,565 (Number of Persons 1-4; $250 each additional person)

Children 0-6 yrs. – no charge

  1. A deposit on the rental is due at the time the reservation is confirmed. If the reservation is cancelled 60 days or more prior to your arrival date, the deposit is refunded less a $100 handling fee. Your remaining cabin rental costs are due at the conclusion of your stay. If the cancellation is made 60 days or less prior to the reservation, the deposit is non-refundable. Payment is accepted by cash or check. 
  2. “Number of Persons” is determined by the maximum number of persons staying overnight on any one night during the period. Children under six years, no charge.
  3. Reporting all overnight guests is the responsibility of the person making the reservation. We must report all guests in our Forest Service reports. This rule must also be respected in fairness to all our guests because of the way our rates are structured.
  4. Pet Rule: pet fee-$85 per pet per week. Most resorts in the area no longer allow pets. We will continue to allow ONE pet per cabin. Pets must be on leash and not allowed to run loose outside. In consideration of other guests, pets must be quiet at all times. Guests are expected to clean up after pets inside and outside and not allow them on the down comforters. Alternative bed spreads can be picked up at the office to protect the down comforters.
  5. All linens, cooking utensils, dishes, electricity and wood for heat are furnished. You may bring your electric blankets, electric skillets and coffee makers if you like. The use of “extra” electrical appliances is discouraged and puts a load on the electric system. Please consider the benefits of the wilderness experience and bring only your essentials.
  6. Telephone service is limited to one telephone in the new phone room by the wood shed. We ask our guests to limit their calls to reasonable time to allow access to the line by all guests. A calling card needs be used to access the line for long distance phone services. Internet at the resort is only for the management. Free internet is available for our guests at The Studios at Bristol.
  7. Laundry facilities are available in Creede. Fishing licenses can be purchased in Creede or at several nearby resorts including Freeman’s General Store.

Rules & Guidelines

WELCOME! We welcome you to Little Squaw, appreciate your business and will strive to make your stay enjoyable. We have a unique setting, on the edge of the wilderness. It is important to remember that we strive to “leave no trace” and have as little impact as possible. The resort grounds are leased from the Forest Service so our rules combine the need to abide by our lease agreement and the varied likes and dislikes of the families that join us here. Any questions should be addressed to the manager.

CHECK OUT TIME – Check out time is 9:00 a.m. Saturday

CHECK IN TIME – Check in time is Saturday after 6:00 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS. Time on Saturday must be allowed to clean all of the cabins. Please respect our managers time to do this by not arriving before 6:00 p.m.

REGISTRATION – All guests must register when they arrive, including the names of all occupants and their home address.

VISITORS – Visitors from outside the resort should limit their time here. Charges for the cabin are based on the number of people spending the night or showering here, whether they spend one night or six. No outdoor camping or fires are permitted except for grilling at each cabin. Grills are available for your use.

PET POLICY – Only one pet per cabin is allowed, and only if they are well controlled and supervised. Pets should be kept off the down comforters and on a leash while on resort grounds. Pets cannot be left unattended inside or outside the cabin. pet fee- $75 per pet per week.

SAFETY & NOISE – No firearms may be used at the resort. Motorbikes and ATV’s should only be ridden between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. – with the idea that noise is kept to a minimum while you ride from your cabin to the bridge to exit. No horses are allowed in camp.

CARE OF THE BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS – Guests are responsible for damages to the cabin or the resort grounds. All maintenance buildings and the water system are off limits to guests. If you need something, please ask the manager.

GATE ETIQUETTE – When you pass through the gate at the bridge, please close it.

FIREWOOD – Wood for your stove is available at the woodshed. Please remember outdoor fires are not permitted. When weather allows, we will have a campfire in the pit in front of the manager’s cabin Sunday through Friday from approximately 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Outdoor portable grills are allowed in clear areas.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL – Bear proof trash containers have been placed near each of the cabins and trash is picked up twice weekly. If you run low on liners inside the cabin let us know.

RECYCLING PROGRAM – Your recycle bins are part of a bigger effort to keep the landfills less full. The gray bins outside your cabin can be exchanged when they are full for another at our recycle center behind the shower house. You can take recyclables to the recycling room and separate them into the appropriate large receptacles. Please note that only clean recyclables are permitted. If you are in doubt, please throw it in the regular trash. Also feel free to take your own recycles to Creede.

LAUNDRY – Laundry for the resort is done in Creede, partly to maintain minimum impact on the area. Any effort to dry and reuse your towels will be appreciated. Guests staying two weeks are welcome to request clean sheets at the end of the first week.

CABIN SUPPLIES – Our goal is to keep all cabins well supplied with utensils and cooking pots and pans. Please let us know if something you need is missing. When you visit other guests, please return all the supplies to your cabin.

SEPTIC SYSTEM – Septic systems are fragile here, please pour no grease in the sink and place no feminine hygiene products in the toilet.

SHOWER HOUSE – The shower house is for all paying guests. Your efforts to keep it clean are appreciated.

PERSONS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – Bluebell cabin has a handicap accessible bathroom with a walk-in shower. The access to the cabin has a ramp upon request. All cabins have been equipped with bathroom handicap grab bars and non-slip bathtub mats or non-slip bathtub strips. The picnic pavilion has a ramped access to accommodate everyone. We have a John Deere Gator available to transport any handicapped person to any location in the resort. Guardrails and hand rails have been added to all porches for customer safety.

FOREST SERVICE GUIDELINES – Little Squaw Resort is located on a Forest Service Lease site. We are accountable to the Forest Service for the use of this site. Please help us to preserve the natural resources, especially water, and protect the beauty of this wonderful area, leaving as little human trace as possible.
Our natural environment is important to us and is the central reason why we enjoy being here. There are many books in the office that are available to check out so that visitors can identify the variety of wildlife and flowers in the area. The following are guidelines for keeping the area rich in diversity and maintaining wildlife health.

  1. TREES – Leave trees in their rightful place – the forest
  2. WILDLIFE – The Forest Service wants us to remember that feeding wildlife is unnatural and unlawful. Luring in larger animals with food on the ground means trouble in terms of safety for visitors and for the animals themselves. We have bear, moose, mountain lion, lynx, bobcat, in the area and enjoy seeing them on rare occasions. Do not approach wild animals or their young. Closely supervise your children when they are outdoors. Keep the area around your cabin clean.
  3. HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS – Refill your hummingbird feeder at the office or boil sugar and water – one to four, let cool and fill your feeder.
  4. FISH LIMITS – Guests are required to abide by Colorado State Fish and Game laws. The management supports keeping only fish that you will eat, under your limit, and carefully releasing the others. Limits are set to ensure that fish will survive in sufficient numbers.

THANK YOU – Many of us have enjoyed years of vacations here at Little Squaw. Our attitude is one of reciprocity and respect for all of you who help us to maintain a quality resort. We welcome comments for improvement at any time. Leaving your cabin as clean as possible when you have to head home means that we can do a better job of making sure everyone enjoys the same level of comfort and fun.

Thanks for being Friends of Little Squaw!

The Didde Family

Kathy & John Killip, David & Joyce Didde